Fairtrade Foundation issues 30th anniversary report

It celebrates decades of transformative impact in ensuring that fair prices are paid to farmers.

The Fairtrade Foundation has published its 30th Anniversary Report, celebrating decades of transformative impact in ensuring that fair prices are paid to producers and farmers in developing countries. The report also issues a call to action for businesses, campaigners and whichever party or parties forms the next UK government to address extreme climate challenges and promote fairtrade practices.

Continuing commitments from businesses have played a crucial role in helping farmers to invest premium funds into various projects, ranging from climate mitigation and healthcare to enhancing community welfare and farming productivity. Working alongside farmers, workers, businesses and consumers, the movement supports more than 2m producers to achieve better prices.

'A fair price for goods'
Mike Gidney, chief executive officer of the Fairtrade Foundation, said: “At the heart of our ethos is a commitment to addressing the root causes of poverty and exploitation. By ensuring producers receive a fair price for their goods, we enable them to invest in their families, communities and futures. This investment is particularly crucial in the face of climate change, which poses additional challenges to agricultural livelihoods.

“Looking ahead, we need to recognise the need for greater collaboration and urgency in addressing today's complex challenges. By continuing to prioritise fair prices and equitable governance, we can build a future where trade truly works for everyone.”

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